In blistering summer days, frolicking in water may be a fun enjoyable activity that can avoid you from high temperature. Natatoriums, water parks, drifting sites or holiday resorts, which one you would like to go? Follow us to have a look!

Indoor Swimming Pools You Won't Miss in Blistering Summer

Natatoriums featuring standard swim lanes will offer you the best swimming experience, which is an ideal option for guys who would like to escape from scorching sunshine.


Water Parks Bring You Exciting Moments

A perfect summer holiday can’t be lack of water parks. Have an exciting day in water parks with your friends!


Rafting Sites in Beijing Suburb

Start your rafting tour around Beijing! These rating sites will bring you a cool summer holiday.


Resorts Surrounded by Mountains and Water

Flee far from bustling and hustling urban area and breathe fresh air. The resorts surrounded by mountains and water will immerse you into nature.



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