The Minor Heat (Xiao Shu) is the 11th term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. On July 7 or 8 each year, when the sun moves to the celestial longitude of 105 degrees, the day is called Minor Heat. “Shu” means being hot, and “Xiao Shu” means not very hot. That means that it is getting hotter, but the hottest day is yet to come. That is the time when crops all over China grow faster and stronger.

Customs of Minor Heat

Ancient Chinese people associated the Minor Heat with three phenomena, “the arrival of warm wind; crickets living in corners of walls; eagles flying into cooler sky.”


Create a Forest in Your Mouth with Matcha

For a person who is fond of matcha, it must be pleasant to eat matcha dessert in sizzling summer as if a forest is creating in your mouth.


Cool Down in Wetland Parks

Strolling along the way in vast expanse of reeds, cattails, cyperus globosus, calamus and canna indica, you will find this wetland which is embellished with a lovely bridge, connected to an underwater corridor facilitated by vitreous armrest stairs.



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