Dressings of Beijingers

Located in Dashilan Street in Xicheng District, Beijing, Refosian is the first of the top eight Chinese traditional costume stores.

Beijing's Hand-made Hat Brands

Shengxifu was originally established in Tianjin in 1911 and launched its first branch in Beijing in the 1930s, with the trademark registered by its founder Liu Xisan.

Neiliansheng Hand-made Shoes Technique

Neiliansheng is an enterprise and famous for production and manufacture of cotton cloth shoes with its flagship store located at the bustling area of No. 34, Dashilan Shopping Street, Qianmen.

Exquisite Costume for Peking Opera

Manufacturing skills for Peking-opera Kuitou (headpieces for traditional opera performances) was taking shape with the development of Beijing Opera after the Qing Dynasty.

Elements in Beijing Traditional Clothes

Beijing embroidery, also known as “royal embroidery”, is a general term for Beijing-centered embroidery products.


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