June 1 marks International Children's Day, an exclusive day for children. To celebrate the festival, there are many activities in Beiijing on the day, a great chance to enjoy your parent-child time. Happy Children's Day!

Amuse Your Children in Museums

It is recommendable to pay a visit to various museums in Beijing if you have time. There are numerous mysterious and funny museums in Beijing! Go and enjoy them with your family now!


Parent-Child Entertainment Restaurants

In the Penguins Deli, customers can find two large glass houses, where vivacious penguins reside. They like to swim in the water and dive. Guests can watch the penguins at short range. By actively interacting with kids, they offer many joys to children!


Things to Do on Children's Day

To celebrate Children's Day, there are special activities in Beijing. Here are five of them that will get your kids excited.



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