Bathing in the Fresh Air on Recreational Trails and Footpaths

In spite of the destination,it is the scenery along the way that we value the most, and that is the pleasure delivered by recreational trails and footpaths.

Launching a Carnival Trip in Distinctive Villages and Towns

The suburb of Beijing opens the door to an exquisite garden in May, which is dotted with distinctive villages and towns like bright pearls. Unique location, natural resources, and regional culture make them different form each other.

Boutique Homestays Embracing Mountains and Water

More often than not, country homestays are located at picturesque countryside. There, strips of courtyards are interspersed with plots of farmland, blending in perfectly with surrounding natural mountains and water.

Most Beautiful Roads - Embarking on a Self-driving Tour

In early summer bringing green grass and blooming flowers, a strings of rural roads briskly extend along continuous mountain ranges in the suburb of Beijing. Not created by nature, they are in perfect harmony with everything around.


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