Saturday marks Lixia, or the Start of Summer, the 7th solar term, which falls on May 5 this year. On this day, the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 45 degrees. In ancient times, the Start of Summer was an important day as it told a lot about the harvest that year.

Customs for Celebrating Start of Summer

Among folks, there goes a jingle, “Whoever eats eggs on the day of Start of Summer will have the strength to crush stones”, to the effect that if you eat eggs on the day of Start of Summer, you will be full of vim and vigor.


Eat Noodles, Porridges with Beijingers

Beijingers like eating noodle which bodes a wheat harvest. According to a folk legend, whoever eats porridge on the day of Start of Summer would be blessed with health and safety throughout the year.


Retreats for Boating in Beijing's Lixia

When summer begins, the temperature gets higher, and the best time for boating comes. Below are some parks in Beijing which are perfect for boating.



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