Exploring History of Nature

Lying in the Tianqiao District on the central axis of southern Beijing, leaning against the Temple of Heaven, the world cultural heritage sites, and facing the modern Tianqiao Theater, the Beijing Museum of Natural History possess superior and special cultural environment.

Photographing Wonderful wildlife

National Zoological Museum of China specializes in the most cutting-edge researches and thus is considered a frontrunner in all aspects. The museum draws on experience of thematic exhibition from other modern museums, incorporates natural science and human science as well as other subjects.

Talking with Ancient Animals

Paleozoological Museum of China is the largest specialized paleozoological museum in Asia and China's first natural science museum exclusively devoted to systematically popularizing knowledge of paleontology, paleoecology, paleoanthropology and the theory of evolution.

Tracing back Peking Man's life

The Wangfujing Paleolithic Museum is located at the paleolithic ruins found under the Oriental Plaza, Beijing. The vibrant forests inhabited by vigorous animals and the hunting life of Peking Man 25,000 years ago are revived with the traces of hunting, making fire, and making tools here.

Unveiling Mystery of Prehistoric Life

Geological Museums of China is the national geological museum with the longest history in China. More than 200,000 collections covering all sectors of geoscience crown the reputation of the Museum. The fossil collections unveil the mystery of prehistoric life.

Studying on Quaternary Glacial Relics

The Quaternary Glacial Relics Exhibition Museum of China is the only museum standing on the Quaternary glacial relics and featuring education and popularization of science, such as glacial knowledge, geological rocks, prehistoric life, environmental protection.


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