Halls of Melody

Beijing Forbidden City Concert Hall is called “a pearl of music in China’s royal garden”, as it is situated inside one of Beijing's most beautiful parks, Zhongshan Park, and is surrounded by historic gardens and landmarks such as the Forbidden City and Tian' anmen Square.

Complex for Performing Arts

The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) is the top performing arts centre in China with its fabulous and international performances and stunning building.

Palaces for Modern Drama

For drama fans, the following theatres you should have a try for almost best Chinese local modern dramas are staged in these theatres.

Theaters for Chinese Opera

Traditional Chinese opera is a popular form of drama and musical theater in China with roots going back to the early periods in China. It incorporates various art forms, such as music, song and dance, martial arts, acrobatics, as well as literary art forms.

Venues to Enjoy Folk Arts

Beijing is a great place to watch traditional Chinese opera, Chinese acrobatics, and folk arts such as Xiangsheng and storytelling.


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