Sunny Western Hills after Snow

The Western Hills, as an extension of the Taihang Mountain, refer collectively to the mountain ranges in the western suburb of Beijing. The so-called snow scenery can be found there.

Moon over the Lugou Bridge before Dawn

Lugou means the Yongding River, a key post of transportation since ancient times. Lugou Bridge had its construction in 1189 on the order of the Emperor Shizong of the Jin Dynasty and was completed in 1192 and named as Guangli Bridge.

Evening Glow on Golden Platform

In 300 BC, King Zhaowang of the Yan State set up a soil platform, where he laid a thousand jin (500kg) of gold to attract talents of all states. Now it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the platform as there are eight golden platforms now.

Landscape of Juyong Pass

The Landscape of Juyong Pass refers to the Badaling Scenic Area with Juyong Pass of Guangou as the center. Guangou is a famous spillway, the 8th mountain pass among the eight mountain passes of the Taihang Mountains.

Mist and Trees in the Ancient City of Jizhou

The tablet of “Mist and Trees in the Ancient City of Jizhou” stands by the Tucheng (Dirt Wall) five li (2.5km) away from Deshengmen. In ancient times, there had been the landscape “Mist and Trees”.

Herds of Sheep Outside Xibianmen

Also known as “Herds of White Sheep Outside Xibianmen”, the scenery refers to the dozens of white stones scattered on the grassland on the left side of the moat outside Xibianmen.

Mountain Viewing at Yinding Bridge

Between Shichahai Lake and Houhai Lake sits a slightly curved stone bridge. It’s called Yinding (silver ingot) Bridge since it looks like a silver ingot. On the east of the bridge lies the expansive Shichahai, and on the west is the long and narrow Houhai Lake.

Autumn Winds on Taiye

Taiye Lake was an artificial lake at Zhongnanhai (central and southern lakes) in imperial City in Beijing during the Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties of China.


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