Fairyland of Snow and Ice

A visit to Beijing during its colder months is a great way to take advantage of the city’s wide offerings of winter tourism. During Beijing’s dramatic winter, the comforts of the big city provide a paradise.

Sought-after Indoor Ice Rinks in Beijing

There are a large number of indoor ice rinks in Beijing for people to skate. If you are an ice skating lover, please consider the following indoor ice rinks in Beijing.

Refresh Your Body and Mind with Soothing Hot Spring

Hot spring is also a must-do in winter in Beijing. Relaxing yourself in warm water is a good option to ward off cold weather.

Back to Peking in Winter

“Beijing became Peking when it snowed and we backed to the Ming and Qing dynasties when we saw snow at Houhai.” Said by a poet. For your visit to Beijing, appreciating wonderful snow landscape is necessary for this northern city of China. It will show totally different look in winter.


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